It’s no secret that graffiti is bad for business. Graffiti can deter customers from entering your business, is often vulgar or gang-related and ultimately takes away from your property’s appeal. When vandals strike, trust our graffiti removal specialists to return your property to optimal condition.

Brick & Concrete Exteriors

Graffiti Removal From Brick Before Shot
Graffiti Removal From Brick After Shot

Other graffiti removal companies will likely tell you that sandblasting is the only way to remove graffiti from brick or concrete. That’s simply not true. Our graffiti removal pros are proudly able to remove graffiti from brick and stone surfaces without damage.

Surfaces that we can remove graffiti from include: 

    • Bricks of all colour
    • Concrete
    • Stonework

Sensitive Surfaces

Graffiti Removal From Metal Siding Before Shot
Graffiti Removal From Metal Siding After Shot

When it comes to graffiti removal, not all surfaces are created equal. Graffiti on sensitive surfaces must be removed with a tailored solution to protect its integrity. Our unique process prevents etching and damage to the surface beneath.

Sensitive, non-brick surfaces include:

    • Metal doors
    • Siding
    • Windows
    • Window frames
    • Roadway signage

Delicate & Heritage Surfaces

Graffiti Removal From Wall Mural Before Shot
Graffiti Removal From Wall Mural After Shot

Heritage buildings and delicate surfaces require a softer, more specialized approach. Mitigating damage while removing unsightly tags with care is our main goal.

Delicate surfaces include:

    • Historical buildings
    • Monuments
    • Headstones 
    • Delicate exteriors
    • Aged masonry

Transportation Vehicles

Graffiti Removal From Streetcar Before Shot
Graffiti Removal From Streetcar After Shot

We’ve all been stuck at a railroad crossing and seen the never-ending string of graffiti that seems to hit freight trains. However, graffiti isn’t restricted to trains. Vandals have been known to hit everything from commercial transportation to personal passenger vehicles and everything in between. 

Our graffiti removal specialists have experience in removing tags from a multitude of vehicles, including:

    • Freight trains
    • Passenger trains
    • Streetcars
    • Buses
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Private vehicles

Wooden Surfaces

Graffiti Removal From Wood Before Shot
Graffiti Removal From Wood After Shot

Removing graffiti from a wooden surface can often be a challenging. Due to the fact that wood is typically exposed to the elements, it can become faded and weathered. When tackling graffiti removal, the pressure from the power washer will remove the top layer of wood and reveal new wood grain beneath. Because of this, you will still be able to see the outline of the original tag. To mitigate this, we will square off the removal area. It’s also important to note that in some cases, we may recommend replacing the affected boards due to age or integrity of the surface. 

Wooden surfaces include:

    • Fences
    • Decking
    • Retaining walls 
    • Wood siding
    • Containment structures
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