3 Benefits Of Removing Graffiti Quickly

3 Benefits Of Removing Graffiti Quickly

Time Is Of The Essence

Why should graffiti removal be addressed right away? It’s simple. The faster that you remove graffiti from your property, the higher the success rate of that removal will be.

Think of graffiti like a red wine stain (or any spill for that matter) on your carpet or clothing. The quicker that you address that stain, the easier it is to get it out. If you let it sit and dry into the fabric, it will become harder to remove. Over time, the elements can bake the paint into the surface beneath it. Especially in hot, sunny weather. This can make the removal process more challenging.

It’s also important to acknowledge the surface that has been tagged plays a part in the graffiti removal process as well. Certain surfaces are more porous than others, so time is of the essence.

Quick Removal Can Prevent Future Tags

It’s been proven that removing graffiti within 48 hours of its application can prevent its reoccurrence. Leaving graffiti on your building is like putting up a big flashing marquee to attract vandals – it signals that you don’t value your property and thus you become a target. 

A clean property will not only look better from the street, but can also preserve a sense of security and prevent new vandalism from taking place. While we cannot guarantee that quick and expedient graffiti removal will be 100% iron clad in deterring future tags, it sends the message to the vandal that their artwork is not permissible on your property.

Graffiti Is Bad For Business

Whether you have a trusted customer base or not, vandalism is synonymous with a lack of security. This can deter your customers from visiting your establishment and ultimately impact your bottom line. As mentioned above, tackling graffiti removal quickly can aid in preventing new tags from occurring. But most importantly, it fosters a positive brand image and provides a safe space for both your customers, tenants and employees. 

Graffiti removal can be tricky, but you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help! 

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