tips on how to prevent graffiti

3 Tips On How To Prevent Graffiti & Vandalism

Some property owners are fortunate and have never dealt with vandalism or graffiti tags showing up on their buildings. Others don’t have such luck. Whether you’re in a highly targeted area or not, there are a few steps that you can take to prevent graffiti from occurring, including:

      1. Keep your property well lit
      2. Install a security system with visible cameras 
      3. Remove any instances of vandalism quickly

A Well Lit Property Prevents Graffiti

More often than not, graffiti will happen under the cover of darkness. Long after your business has closed for the day. It’s harder to be seen at night and there is usually less foot traffic. Both add up to the perfect recipe for graffiti. 

An easy way to deter vandalism and prevent graffiti is to make sure that your property is well lit.
Our recommendation is to install lights activated by a motion sensor and adding more fixtures in secluded areas with a dawn/dusk timer. If your property has been tagged before, we highly recommend installing a motion sensor light where previous incidents have taken place to further deter repeat attempts.

Install A Security System With Visible Cameras

Adding cameras and signage around your property that advertises video surveillance is a great way to deter vandalism and other criminal activity. Yes, there will always be exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, vandalism is an opportunistic crime. 

Plus, installing security cameras at strategic spots will not only act as a vandalism deterrent. The footage from the cameras can help you identify ongoing threats and supply police with footage in the event that a tag does happen.

When Graffiti Happens, Remove It Quickly

Addressing the removal of graffiti tags quickly is essential in preventing future tags from occurring. It sends the message loud and clear that you won’t tolerate vandalism and all tags will be removed right away. 

Additionally, when combined with employing the tactics above, vandals will get the message and move on to more opportunistic properties. Removing graffiti quickly has more benefits too including making removal more of a success  – check out those added benefits here.

Have You Been Hit With Graffiti?

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